Stevens Products Inc. has been in business for over 70 years manufacturing quality electronic insulation. We are expert, niche manufacturers of custom tight tolerance rigid thermoset tubing from high temperature dielectric resistant resins and woven fiberglass cloth. Fiberglass epoxy, Nema grade G-10, G-11 is class F-rated for 155ºC continuous operating temperatures and has FR4 flame retardant properties. Fiberglass silicone, Nema grade G-7, is class H-rated for 180ºC and fiberglass polyimide material, Nema grade G-30, our highest temp material is 230ºC rated.

All material are Mil-Spec approved. Stevens’ expertise can interleave various substrates to provide higher dielectric resistance, RF shielding and moisture-proof barriers in tubing.

Lengths of tubing manufactured from these materials can be supplied in bulk size or cut to specific customer sizes for coilform winding. We bond custom coil bobbins and transformer housings. Custom made “header plates”, or endcaps, can be bonded to tubing or supplied loose for encapsulation cup applications. In addition, tubing can be cut into angles, “U” and “C” channels or other specific shapes per your structural requirements.

Tubing is available from thousands of stock mandrels eliminating costly tooling charges. We offer everything from .049" round ID micro miniature sizes up to 13" plus ID. Square and rectangular offerings start at .020" X .079" ID and go up to 8" square in size.

In addition to tubing we have custom molding facilities as well. Match metal dies and custom steel rule trim dies produce a variety of motor winding end turn insulators and caps.

Stevens Products has developed a custom line of printed circuit board manufacturing aides. Our “gold finger gloves” cover gold contacts can eliminate use of costly Kapton tape. PCB stiffeners clip on board edges and incorporate our proprietary fiberglass epoxy pultruded rod. The rod has 150,000 PSI flexural strength and prevents board twist and warp through wave solder, re-flow and other processes. PCB board “carriers” clip on board edges to facilitate leveling and conveyor belt contact issues. An infinite array of “connector covers” can be fabricated to fit specific needs from our vast open stock tooling.

Call Ross Stevens or Robert Cantellino today at 973-672-2140 and let us exceed your expectations by resolving your custom requirements with our 70 years of expertise and cost-effective solutions!

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