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Composite Tubing

Coil Form Tubing

Transformer manufactures rely on our precision made close tolerance coil form tubing for positive insulation of coils wound for common C and E lamination cores! Some describe our product as the "Rolls Royce" of the industry!

Maximum 18" lengths from a published Price List are used for gang winding and we provide cut pieces for the single head coil winder.

Inside corners are .015" R max., and outside corners are broken to prevent cutting of wire during winding.

Select the material you need; save tooling costs by specifying the inside size with one of the thousands of mandrel tools in our Mandrel List; choose a wall thickness of .030", .025", or .020" for a light wall price or if you require a heavier wall of .035" to .060", a heavy wall price will apply. Walls over .060" quoted on request.


Micro Tubes

Very thin fiberglass cloth pre-pregged with epoxy resin - class 155C - is convolutedly roll wrapped around tiny precession mandrels - see green page in Mandrel list - to produce rigid rugged tubes .005" thick.

Tubes are used as coil forms in inertial guidance systems - longer lengths serve as housings in magnetic flux probes. Round micro tubes insulate shafts on servo motors and provide protection of vital medical electronics in blood flow instruments.


Copper Clad Tubing - The lamination of copper foil to the surface of fiberglass laminated epoxy tubes and headers provides a positive response to the requirement for effective EMI/RFI shielding.

Printed circuit quality 1 oz. foil is bonded to the fiberglass cloth reinforced epoxy resin tubing during the curing cycle. The material is rated for 155 deg C operation, meets UL94V O flame requirements, plus MIL C 9084 and MIL R 9300, has excellent shock and chemical resistance, is machinable and with 1.75 Sp. Gr., reduces weight in airborne or portable electronic equipment.

Tubes and matching header plates, 0.030" thin, are made to order in an infinite range of sizes on open stock tooling.

Filter networks, power supplies, amplifier circuitry and components in sensitive moisture measuring instruments, density guages and frequency analysers are effectively shielded from stray radio or electromagnetic interference. Large round copper lined epoxy tubes are used as heat sinks in cryogenic equipment.


Kapton Interleave (Multi-Layer Glass Reinforced Kapton Composite Tubing) - The undesirable properties of typical spiral wound Kapton tubing such as low strength and rigidity, are overcome by layering it between plies of convolute wrapped glass reinforced composite material.

During the standard manufacturing procedure of convolute wrapped glass reinforced Epoxy (155 C) Silicone (180 C) and Polyimide (240 C) tubing, plies of 1 mil Kapton film are placed between layers of the pre-preg fabric and laminated under heat and pressure.

Tubing is available in over 4,000 round and rectangular cross-sections with I.D.'s from .090" to 11.000" and wall thickness from .005" to .375". Typical properties include dielectric strength of 7,000 VPM per ply of Kapton (any number of plies may be used), chemical resistance, machinability and high impact strength.

Applications include high voltage coil forms, bobbins, potting forms, and isolation insulators.